Why are perfumes so expensive

Why are perfumes so expensive

Perfume has always been considered a luxury product but why are they so expensive?

Ingredients for perfume

There’s no question that some of the ingredients used in a fragrance can be expensive and will directly affect the price. Some of them contain rare and

sought after natural materials such as flower petals or the essences of unusual roots such as jasmine and tuberose.

Jean Patou Joy, the fragrance branded as “the world’s most expensive perfume” in the 1930’s, contained 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses to make a single bottle.

Natural or synthetic

It is often thought that the most expensive perfumes only contain natural ingredients but it’s important to acknowledge that they contain certain synthetic ingredients. For example Musk is now a synthetic ingredient, since it was banned from sourcing from the now endangered Tibetan or Musk Deer.

The quality of the ingredients can differ greatly in luxury and budget fragrances; however the perfume making process is essentially the same. Luxury perfumes are more likely to use a high percentage of natural ingredients instead of those that are synthetic, so naturally quality perfumes will cost more than cheaply made perfumes

Fragrance oils that are highly prized in the industry.


At around £10,000/kg, ambergris is one of the most valuable ingredients in perfumery, prized for its ability as a fixative to improve the durability of the perfume.

Ambergris is produced by the digestive system of sperm whales and has a unique marine odour that later ages into a sweet earthy scent.

Ambergris or ‘grey amber’ is not to be confused with ’amber. Nowadays, it is mostly substituted with synthetic musk’s which smell clean and are sperm whale friendly.

Jasmine perfume

There are over 200 species of jasmine but the two that are most prized in perfumery are jasmine sambac and jasmine grandiflorum.

Jasmine sambac is from eastern India, southern Himalayas and China while

Jasmine Flower used to make fragrance oil for perfume

jasmine grandiflorum is from northern India. Today the jasmine flowers are cultivated in India, Egypt, Italy, Morocco and France.

It takes 1,000,000 jasmine flowers to produce 1kg of oil and 8,000 hand-picked blooms to produce just 1ml of the fragrance oil, which is why it’s so extraordinarily expensive.

Oud (or “oudh”)

Wood that costs £20,000/kg - and it's infected by mould! Also known as agarwood, this oud essential oil is extracted from fungus-effected resinous heartwood of the agar tree.

One reason oud oil is so expensive is its rarity; by some estimates, fewer than 2% of wild Agar trees produce it. Experts claim that the very best oud oils come from the oldest trees, which are even scarcer.  

Sometimes referred to as liquid gold, the annual oud market is worth around £5 billion.

Bulgarian Rose

There are over 150 species of roses and many thousands of hybrids but Rosa

Rose flower used to make fragrance oil

Damascena also known as Damask Rose is widely considered to have the best scent oils of any rose for perfume.

The Rose Valley in Bulgaria produces 70% of the world’s rose oil. The flowers have been hand-picked in this valley, from May to June, for more than three centuries.

Orris (or Iris root butter)

The roots (rhizomes) of the purple Iris flower are grown for 3 years before being 
Iris flower whose roots are used to make Orris Fragrance oilharvested, peeled by hand and dried for a further 3 to 5 years. About one ton of iris bulbs produce 2 kilos of essential oil.

The scent is similar to the smell of violets which is soapy, sweet, powdery, floral and earthy which makes it a popular choice for unisex fragrances.

Marketing perfume

The most expensive perfumes come from exclusive high-end fashion brands, so it’s not surprising that a big part of the price for a perfume is the marketing.

The designer brands have substantial marketing budgets, spending millions on product launches, to enable them to capture their target audience. A budget allocated to marketing a perfume can take on a magnitude that is hard to imagine.

Despite being a household name, in 2004 Chanel made the most expensive advertisement ever made, featuring Nicole Kidman, at a cost of a cool $33 million.

The novelty has worn off with celebrity fragrances

Some designers’ create their lines through cooperation with celebrities. These celebrity endorsed fragrances will cost more than regular designer perfumes and may not be the best quality.

Celebrities take advantage of the fact that fans will buy the perfume for the name rather than the quality. Perfume quotes from several articles in the industry have stated they may not be worth the price.

Perfume Packaging

Perfumers know that everybody loves beautiful packaging which gives the brand

it represents, its image and elegance. When someone sprays themselves with a fragrance, the beauty of the bottle gives it all the more prestige.

An expensive perfume can be a symbol of social status, the ultimate luxury. Some very high-end perfumes are offered in unique bottles such as the world renowned, Baccarat crystal.

Niche perfumery

Niche perfumes are the ultimate luxury fragrances and are much less readily available than designer and celebrity perfumes. .

These smaller perfume houses don’t have designer overheads, so the money they save means they can focus more on the quality and integrity of the ingredients.

One of the main selling points of niche fragrances is you are paying for the liquid inside the bottle and its exclusivity, instead of the marketing.

Match Perfumes brand ethos

At Match Perfumes, we source only high quality ingredient from around the world. Our perfume making process is essentially the same as the luxury Match Replica Perfumes inspired fragrance boxbrands.
Our investment is only in the perfume, erasing traditional packaging and marketing costs which enable us to focus on producing the best value quality inspired fragrances that are affordable for all.


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