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Match Perfume Replicas

Match Perfumes offer a select range of high end niche and designer perfume replicas, created using the same premium quality ingredients as the originals, at affordable prices.

Our perfume shop is always seeking to add to the range but our philosophy is “We like to do a few perfumes really well”.

None of the perfumes have been tested on animals and several are certified Vegan perfume. We strongly support animal welfare.

How perfume is made

How we keep our prices so affordable

When a fragrance is created it is a highly skilled yet artistic process.

Well known perfume houses then provide a huge marketing and retail budget to bring it to the global market. Hence the high price of niche and designer perfumes.

Our fragrances are formulated in small batches, by a dedicated team of perfumery experts in the laboratory.

Our independent Perfume house is IFRAaccredited, is certified by the Soil Association to supply organic fragrances and conforms to COSMOS standards.

Our perfumers source and select the finest ingredients worldwide to produce our range of replica fragrances. All raw materials are quality controlled olfactively & analytically and all production batches are similarly quality assessed prior to dispatch.

Handmade Fragrance

Every aspect of our production, from creating, blending, bottling, and shipping is done by hand.

We then promote through our website and personal recommendation to introduce our copy fragrances, so without the high marketing costs, our prices are kept affordable

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* The IFRA (International Fragrance Organisation) is a global representative body of the fragrance industry, helping you to enjoy fragrance with confidence.


Our parent company, Hamiltons of Canterbury, first opened in the Long Market, Canterbury in 1739.

Hamiltons began creating aromatherapy spa ranges and perfume replicas in 1983.

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