Match Replica Perfumes FAQs

Who are Match Perfumes?

We produce perfume dupes of excellence at a price that is affordable to all. Our products are exclusive to our brand and cannot be purchased anywhere else. Here is our About Us page

Do you only make inspired perfumes?

We specialise in making perfume that is inspired by well-known designer brands and more exclusive niche fragrances. Online perfume shop

Do you offer perfume shop discount codes?

There is currently a "Buy 1 x 50ml get the 2nd x 50ml 15%" off running. Regular discounts codes are also offered to Match Perfume subscribers. Home Page 

How do I choose a fragrance?

Some of our fragrances are inspired by exclusive niche brands that are not widely known. We describe each perfume in detail on the shopping pages.

Are your reviews authentic?

All our reviews are from 'Verified Buyers'. A Verified Buyer is an individual who has purchased a product through us. This identifies genuine customers who are submitting reviews on products they own.

What makes your perfume special?

Our fragrances are hand-made in small batches using only the finest ingredients. Our inspired fragrances are not wholesale budget copy perfumes that are widely available online. About Us

How do you manage to be so competitive on price?

We are on-line only and all our investment is in the product, eliminating traditional marketing costs and overheads. Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette

Is your perfume long lasting?

All our fragrances are highly concentrated with an optimum 14% - 20% of the best ingredients, so they should last all day on your skin. Be aware however, the nose soon becomes accustomed to a new smell and "blocks it out". The scent is still there but maddeningly you no longer detect it yourself.

Do you test on animals?

No, all our products are cruelty free and include a Vegan range.

Where are your perfumes made?

They are made by our English perfume house with ingredients that are sourced from around the world. The perfume house is IFRA accredited, certified by the Soil Association and conform to COSMOS standards.

What is IFRA?

International Fragrance Association is committed to promoting the safe use of fragrances for everyone to enjoy. Any reputable company within the fragrance industry is a member of the regulatory body IFRA.

What is the Soil Association?

They set out the requirements for organic and natural health & beauty products.

What is COSMOS?

Cosmetic Organic & Natural Standards sets the standards for organic and natural cosmetics.

Do you give free perfume testers?

Because perfumes are so subjective, all 50ml orders include a free perfume sample, so you can decide whether you like the fragrance before you open the bottle. You can also choose free tester perfumes with every 50ml purchased.

Can I get a refund?

Full refunds are given for unopened 50ml bottles returned within in 30 days. Match Perfumes Shipping & Returns

If I test the bottle instead of the sample, will I still get a refund?

Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons, we can’t give you a refund if the bottle has been used. It is important to first try the sample tester supplied with your order. Only open the bottle when you are sure you like the perfume.

What are your delivery costs?

All orders are sent by 1st class Royal Mail free of charge. 

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