Perfume layering

How to make perfumes last longer

How to layer perfume with body lotion

Lack of moisture in your skin could be a reason why your fragrance does not last. If you have dry skin, it can actually end up absorbing your perfume quicker than you’d like, causing your scent of choice to be short-lived

Layering fragrances for longevity

Moisturise before applying Match Perfume replica fragrances

Applying an unscented body lotion, before spritzing on your perfume, will help your scent last longer, as you are preventing your skin from absorbing all of the fragrance oils too quickly. 

This type of layering allows you to intensify the fragrance, extend the hold and sillage, to give you an extra depth and richness of your perfume

Layering perfume with different scents

Can't find the fragrance of your dreams or just want to mix it up and create a truly bespoke scent? Layering perfumes is the closest we can get to creating your own signature scent.

Scent mixing is simply combining two perfumes and is the perfect way to enhance your signature scent or customise it. Layering your perfume will also help the fragrance last longer.

You could consider combining fragrances with similar or complementary notes to create a bespoke scent that is unique to you. 

Match 19 and Match 20 are good examples of fragrances that would mix well, as they both have common notes of sandalwood and amber.

Layering perfumes from the same house is usually successful

We recommend spritzing the fragrance combinations on a scent blotter before putting it on your skin, to examine how the notes blend.

1 x spray Match 17 & 1 spray Match 18 work well together.

1 spray Match 17 with two sprays of Match 3.

By layering different scents, you can simply create a new fragrance out of your

Match Perfume Replicas perfume bottle spray

collection whenever the mood takes. This doesn't always mean spritzing perfumes on top of one another; you may prefer to spray the different scents on your neck and wrists.

When combining scents, it is usually best to apply the headiest fragrance first and then the lightest. This will prevent the stronger scent from overpowering the lighter one.


There is no right or wrong way in fragrance mixing. Everyone’s perception of scent is different, so by experimenting with different combinations, you have the chance to make your own signature scent.

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