Terms & Conditions


"Affiliate" means an individual or business generating their own traffic and thus rewarded for legitimate sales.

Match Perfumes is an e-commerce entity paying a commission for legitimate sales sponsored by an affiliate.

A person that purchases product from our website is a “visitor”.

"Sales commission" means the Pay-out that Match Perfumes agrees to pay for Visitors referred to the Match Perfumes web site that results in a sale of a product. The sale could occur at the time of the visit or at a later time and any repeat business sales commission will be paid.

"Pay-out" means the amount of sale commission which is 20%; Match Perfumes agrees to pay for an individual. The Pay-out is defined a percentage of a total sale amount. 

"Commission" means the amount sale commission Match Perfumes agrees to pay for an individual sale. 

"Link" means a hyperlink placed on an Affiliate's site that, when clicked on, sends a Visitor through to a Match Perfumes website. Links take many forms including text, a product image, buttons, banners, videos or any other format acceptable to the Match Perfumes. 

"VOID" means a reversal of a Pay-out previously earned for a sale, lead, or click that is later rescinded or corrected by the Match Perfumes. Match Perfumes may VOID transactions that are fraudulent, or in the case of returned merchandise, duplicate transactions, or other valid reasons. 

"Your Account" means a specific PayPal account where Commissions are credited. 


You will receive a Commission for sending a Match Perfumes authorized sales, leads, via Your Links. In order to place Links, You must first send an email or web address to Match Perfumes to become an Affiliate of our program You receive the Commission from Match Perfumes.co.uk. Payments are made automatically 30 days after the sales transaction.

Money credited to Your Account does not accrue interest. In the event of a VOID by Match Perfumes, may recover from you the corresponding Commission previously credited to Your Account. The VOID Commission will be immediately deducted from Your Account balance. In the event that Your Account balance is less than the VOID Commission, the VOID Commission will be deducted against your future earnings. You will NEVER be asked to send money to Match Perfumes.co.uk 


Match Perfumes reserves the right to send e-mail to you for the purposes of informing you of applicable changes or additions to the Service or any Match Perfumes.co.uk related products and services


We require you to provide an email so we can track visitors that you have sponsored and send you your sales commission via PayPal.

You will select a username and password combination that you use to access Your Affiliate area within the Service. You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password and you are responsible for all usage and activity on Your Account, including use of the account by a third party authorized by you to use Your Account.


You, the affiliate, warrants, represents and covenants to Match Perfumes that you will comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws, and rules and regulations applicable to the use of the Services.


You, the Affiliate, are granted a non-exclusive, limited, revocable right to use Match Perfumes provided trademarks and banners. All images, technology and content provided for Your use is and shall remain the sole property of the Match perfumes, and no part thereof shall be deemed assigned or licensed to You except as explicitly provided for herein. All intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, patent rights or applications, trade names and service marks related to the foregoing shall remain the Match Perfumes sole property, including rights in and to any derivatives thereof. You may not modify the trademarks, banners, the content or any of the images provided to you in any way. 


This Agreement represents the complete agreement concerning this license and may be amended only by a writing executed by both parties if any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable.