Master Perfumers

Master perfumers 19th century drawing

Master Perfumers

This series is about some of the great perfumers behind the Brands.These people are the creative force that are in background but without them you would not have your favourite perfume.

A little about the industry

At Match Perfumes  we have worked in the perfume industry since the early eighties and have worked with at least one of the perfumers that we have listed. The extraordinary talent these perfumers have is that the can detect subtle notes of ingredients that can not be identified by the most advanced technology. 

The majority of perfumers start their apprenticeship in the great fragrance houses of France, who are responsible for the making of the essential oils that form part of your perfume. Their talent starts to shine through and the chosen few make it to the top.

Although these perfumers are well known in the industry their fame is hidden from the consumers and a back story is created around someone else that is a face of the marketing campaign by the global distributors.

We will write about one perfumer every month and have selected them in no particular order. The nickname for these super talented creators is “noses”.

Dominique Ropion master perfumer

Dominique Ropion

Dominique's training began at Roure Bertrand Dupont in Grasse, continued in Paris and culminated in a partnership with Jean-Louis Sieuzac, whose astounding, encyclopedic knowledge of perfumery brought him fame as one of perfumery’s greatest technicians.

"Once an excellent team player and an imposing soloist, Dominique Ropion is considered to be one of the most technically advanced perfumers of all time by some respected industry experts.  His profound knowledge of French perfumery and his singular versatility in creating scents are his critical contributions to many current significant projects".

Some fragrances created by Dominique Ropion


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