50ml bottle of Black Orchid YSL eau de parfum

Opium perfume

Opium is one of the World’s most iconic fragrances, created for fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) by perfumers Jean Amic and Jean-Louis Sieuzac of Roure, and has been big since 1977, when it made over $3 million in its first nine months.

It is the most recognised oriental fragrance, a must wear for great evening out. Few products stand the test of time but this perfume certainly does.

Black Opium perfume

In 2014 the perfume was relaunched in a slightly different format and using similar ingredients to the original ‘Opium’, such as vanilla, coffee, jasmine, patchouli, pink pepper, orange blossom and cedar.

In the following year Black Opium scooped Best New Fragrance for Women in the UK’s prestigious Fragrance Foundation Awards.

Since then, the fragrance has acquired countless ‘collectors’, thrilled by limited editions and new ‘spins’ on this smouldering scent.  Which all adds up to a sensational and popular perfume that is listed number 8 in the World’s top 10 most popular perfumes.

The perfume group is spicy oriental/gourmand due to its use of coffee and vanilla and can be listed among the greats in the genre with Black Orchid.


List of top, middle 7 base notes used in Black Opium YSL eau de parfum

This is a brilliant description from a Black Opium lover:-

“Coffee lovers look this way. This feminine/glam rock fragrance is an addictive gourmand floral that features black coffee for a shot of adrenaline, white floral to instantly seduce and vanilla for sweetness and sensuality.

The smell of coffee can be strong but this dark accord is perfectly balanced by the lightness of the white florals and vanilla making it the perfect blend.

Black Opium is vibrant and energising for the day and deeply sensual for the night. I like to spray on clothes, in particular my coat and scarf as well as skin so that the intoxicating aroma stays with me at all times”

YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum, 50ml - £78