50ml bottle of Creed Aventus eau de parfum

Creed Aventus     

A winning formula

A perfumers dream - to create an iconic fragrance that takes the perfume world by storm.

The exceptional Aventus was launched in Paris 2010, to celebrate Creed’s 250 year anniversary, with immediate acclaim.

Oliver Creed, in collaboration with his son Erwin, used the historic life of an emperor, who waged war, peace and romance with equal magnitude, as their inspiration.

That is a great backstory, but how does it explain the international success of this cult classic.

Sales worldwide are over £220 million and for a men's cologne, that costs around £260 for 100ml, is amazing. Creed Aventus is arguably one of the most copied fragrances of our time.

If you examine the ingredients in the Aventus notes, it’s very typical of many men's cologne with:

List of top, middle & base notes used in Creed Aventus eau de parfum

Creed's fragrances contain a high percentage of natural ingredients, which may cause slightly different aroma profiles between batches. 


Ambergris, one of the ingredients in the base note, can be reproduced from plants, the original comes from the Sperm Whale. It is a very expensive compound and any way it is produced, costs around £20,000 per kg.

So what makes Aventus so special?

One theory is that it is all about memory and there is sound scientific evidence that certain fragrances remind of us of happier times, perhaps childhood. How does a pet recognise you and how does it know you are not a danger, it’s by smell and we possess the same instincts.

When I wear Aventus, it reminds me of my Father. His pipe, the leather seats in his car, the aroma of his brandy and dare I say, the 'Old Spice' I used to buy him for Christmas. It makes me feel secure and takes me back to happy and sunny times.

Other wearers of Aventus will probably have other treasured memories.

Creed Aventus falls in the top premium price range typical for many niche fragrances of this kind, so if you can justify the expense, its well worth a try. Pure class. A modern masterpiece.

Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum, 50ml - £185