811 Absoluto

811 Absoluto perfume bottle

811 Absoluto

by Giovanna Antonlelli

A full-bodied oriental perfume inspired by Sao Paulo
It is a blessing and a curse with niche perfumes. The curse is it takes a long time to find the perfect one for you but a blessing that your are wearing something that is almost unique to you or at least to dedicated followers.
To describe a perfume does not do it justice to the moment you spray it on and say “that's for me”!


811 Absoluto took its inspiration from the infinite energy of Sao Paulo, a gigantic urban jungle which is a very creative and cosmopolitan city to the world: a tropical New York.
Sao Paulo urban jungle
The brand was born from a partnership between Giovanna Antonelli, a Brazilian actress and TV presenter, and a French Perfume House, COURTOIS/mourot Parfums.
The collection of 411 Intenso, 611 Extremo & 811 Absoluto are inspired by Giovanna, paying homage to her favourite cities: Paris, Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo.
The perfumer is Mathilde Bijaoui, who is already been involved with several creations of international brands
With its oriental notes that leave a trail of honey raised with ruddy saffron and intoxicating rum, this perfume expresses an alchemy of incredible sensuality. It was especially designed, dreamt, created for an absolute seduction of the senses.
811 Absoluto fragrance notes

 What people have said:

“Mission accomplished! 811 Absoluto is the perfect perfume. I was first drawn to and my favourite  It’s actually a is very plush with a dusty sensual allure. It feels vamped up with a touch of noir but doesn’t take itself too seriously. A luscious, resinous blend with a sky-high stiletto lift, 811 Absoluto conjures a warm afterglow.”
“811 Absoluto is classified as oriental-spicy by the manufacturer and, just between us, such a classification could not be more perfect. It has notes of lavender, bergamot, pepper and cloves, in the output. Then, the body of the fragrance brings notes of jasmine, honey, green and balsamic accords, which rest on a base of patchouli, amber, musk and vanilla”


Giovanna Antonlelli 811 Absoluto Eau de Parfum, 100ml - £135 (very difficult to get hold of in the UK)